Medieval adventures

Forming Metal

In order to form metal into different shapes, you will need a dishing stump or metal ring. A stump is an ideal material because it is softer than your metal so it won’t scratch or mar the metal surface. If you put a 60 grit flap disk on an angle grinder it can easily make the dishing bowls on a stump.

An English Wheel is also great for dishing. We have a small one that we use for planishing. It is hard to find one that will handle 14 gauge steel.

Our solid dishing stump. The ‘dishes’ were made by using a 60 grit flap disc on an angle grinder. The bigger hole was made with a hole-saw bit on a drill. The metal bands prevent the stump from splitting.
A mushroom dolly makes quick work when dishing. This can be removed so you can pound metal into shape on the dishing stump. The dolly also makes a great planishing (smoothing) surface.
This water pipe works well for shield bosses.
Not sure where I got this from but it works for dishing jobs where I don’t care about marring the metal. It also supports the Mushroom Dolly.
I also use the base of a broken swivel anvil for dishing shield bosses.
A ball-peen hammer head on a post is handy for riveting tough to reach spots in helmets.
If you can get your hands on some big ball bearings, these make excellent dishing tools. You can also buy a low cost sledge/drilling hammer and use an angle grinder to make the face ball shaped.