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A vise can be used for holding your metal in place and also for bending it. If you open the jaws to 1/4″ you can easily bend metal bands into curves. You can fashion or copper plates or buy nylon ones to prevent the vise teeth from marring your metal.

We have been very happy with this Reversible Mechanics Vise for armouring and blacksmithing. Being able to hold round pipes/bars under the jaws is very handy.
Small bench vises are handy. The vise is all about freeing up both your hands and keeping your project in a fixed location.
Locking pliers aren’t vises, but they are very handy for holding pieces together when riveting and welding. They are handy for bending too. You can grind the teeth off cheaper pliers to prevent marring. You can also use duct tape on the teeth. You tend to get what you pay for when it comes to these!