Medieval adventures


I use an angle grinder all the time when working on armour. It is such a versatile tool. You can cut with it, grind and buff metal up with it. It’s all about the discs you purchase.

This Hitachi grinder has served us well for many years!
Flap discs are a great for grinding off rust and buffing up metal. You can get a pretty good shine when polishing at 60, 80, 100 and finally 120 grit.
Make sure you get the correct size of wheel for your angle grinder.
These helmet pieces were polished with a range of 60 to 120 grit flap discs.
A small cut off tool is handy for working in tight places where your angle grinder won’t fit.
A belt grinder is awesome at smoothing up edges of metal. You can round the edges by gently pushing on the part of the belt that doesn’t have the metal brace behind it. The wheel on the side is handy for precision shaping.
A set of metal working files of various shapes and sizes always comes in handy.