Medieval adventures


Time at the forge is always time well spent. A few years ago now, we made iron from ore *gasp*. It was quite the experience. I had been thinking for days (and years) about what I would like to make with my small piece of smelted iron and soon realized that some practice was in order. So I started today’s adventure with some bar steel for practice. One day I hope my chunk of smelted iron will become a pot hanger but if it splits into smaller pieces I will be happy to make a series of dress pins, chatelaine of health care implements, or the like. But before I try it out, I will have to have my drawing (making the metal long) skills at prime because I will have to be able to make a chunk into something linear for any of the above projects mentioned.

I used this book: Anglo-Saxon Ironwork; Dress items, Fire Steels, and Kitchenalia written by Dennis Riley as my documentation source.