Medieval adventures

Curling ends

Often you will want to curl the ends of projects so they aren’t pointy. Most wall hooks have curled ends so they don’t damage items hun on them. Beginners often have a misconception that you need a horn to curl metal. All you really need is the edge of the anvil.

Get the end of the metal hot. Bright orange/near yellow is good as this will let you do the curl without reheating.
You may want to flatten the end of the bar first (5 cm or so). Start hammering on the edge of the anvil, slowly pushing the bar forward as you hammer.
The bar will begin to bend. You then hammer at an angle (45 degrees or so) to the surface of the anvil. You may notice your anvil’s edges are rounded. This is one reason why.
You will end up with a half-circle.
Flip the bar over and work on the anvil surface, hammering the bar toward you to keep curling it.
Keep curling it by tapping on the back of the curl and the end of the curl.
Tighen up the curl. (or maybe you want a curl with a hole in it?)
Flatten it on the anvil, making sure the curl is in the centre of the bar. That’s it! No horn required.