Medieval adventures

Leather Drinking Vessel

One form of a traditional drinking vessel is called a Jack. It is a leather cup soaked/lined with beeswax to prevent the leather from getting nasty from your beverage. Leather vessels were also lined with pitch, which is something like pine tar. Pitch was good because it could withstand hot drinks. Beeswax not so much. Even leaving beeswax in the sun can make it melt. Sibylla and I tend to like our beverages, and we don’t like the taste of pitch. We tried beeswax but didn’t like how it cracked when squished and the effects of the hot sun on it.

We came across some cool class vases at a dollar store one day and decided to wrap those up in leather and see if we could make a decent looking medieval vessel. For those wanting authenticity, some drinking vessels were made from bull testicle sacs and these have a similar look. We will let your research that topic online.

These leather-encased vases are pretty tough. We have dropped more than a few in our day and most have survived.