Medieval adventures

Anglo Saxon Bucket I

These little buckets have been found at numerous Anglo-Saxon grave sites. The exact purpose of them is unknown, but they seem to have been an important personal item as people were buried with them. Sibylla and I believe they may have been feast buckets. Since we have early Anglo-Saxon personas, we decided to make something like one with materials we had readily available. We decided that the buckets were not intended to be water-tight, so we didn’t go for that level of accuracy. This was a prototype, and intended to be more about learning than making it perfect. The cost to make it was less than $10 (excluding the book and tools).

What we learned:

  • The bucket took around 12 hours to make (probably more) .
  • You can use an axe and hammer for splitting the log to a 1/4-inch thickness providing the log has no knots.
  • Minimal tools are required (metal snips, hand saw, spokeshave, chisels, hand plane, axe, hammer, vice and sadly enough duct tape).
  • Use thicker metal for the bands next time. Likely 1mm-2mm copper.
  • Split-pin rivets hint that the buckets were likely not meant to be waterproof.
  • Rim could be made by wrapping the sheet around 1/4-inch bar and bending into 6-inch diameter
  • A 6-inch outer form would have been handy for the base so it would stay together.