Medieval adventures

Trestle Table

If you enjoy camping, a good sturdy table is essential. Lugging an authentic trestle table around is both heavy and bulky. We decided to make one from plywood so that it would lay flat and take up minimal room in our hatchback. We have used this table for 7 years now and it is still going strong. We stained the 1/2-inch plywood with a dark Jacobean finish and then a couple of clear coat layers. From a distance, it looks reasonably medieval.

You may find it easier to assemble the table with the top face down, and then get another person to help you flip it over.

There are a few angles to cut in these plans, which may be difficult. I suggest drawing it all out on a plywood sheet before you make any cuts. For the braces, I wouldn’t cut the slots until you have the table somewhat assembled. That way if you have made some minor errors you can just alter the slots for what you ended up with. The cross braces can be made from 1×3 inch strapping and very important as they are what makes the table rigid. The joinery can be tricky. Cut the tabs first, then see how they compare to the hole slots you have drawn. That way if there is a mistake it is easy to fix before you start cutting.

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