Medieval adventures


Things are not what they should be. Even though we seemingly carry on with our day to day chores, we do them without the closeness we were once used to. Calling over to Wulfwynne’s hut to go foraging because four eyes are better than just my two. Besides she is braver than I when it comes to picking herbs that are trickier than my comfort zone will allow. There is also a lot to be said for companionship, a chance to converse about odd happenings of the mind. Experiences that not everyone notices or accepts or pays attention to. Not that anything specific is happening right now, just missing people, I guess, do to the illness that broke the boundaries of lands far away and seemingly flowed into the corners of the world, flooding areas with large numbers of people which has now trickled into smaller areas causing a shadow of panic in everyone’s very soul.

We are being careful to stay clear of each other. Because it takes time for the illness to show it’s ugliness in the form of sore throats and a mucus so thick it threatens to choke the very life out of you, gradually…slowly…and all of it with a fever that weakens the body seeping the will to fight back the beast of darkness.

Scary as this is, it has its lessons. To cleanse has always been in one’s best interest but now those who would not take the time are being made to or risk the lives of the ones they hold dear not to mention if they care anything for themselves which is usually the truth at best. People are also being mindful of how they manage themselves. No touching anyone who is not in your house. Staying clear while having discussions which means there is a lot less fighting, although it hasn’t stopped some who believe themselves to be above our laws. Husbands and wives alike are home and not wondering or travelling off to far places for hours or days at a time. My daughter who lives in the village down the way is a brisk mornings’ walk away. Too far to get to in a hurry, so I am thankfully her husband is with her to help with the two weeons.

Appreciation for others and what must be done is deep. Gardens and working out better methods of food storage have become necessary. Our Kith hasn’t had a gathering in a full season of Spring. With summer upon us, we are looking at our yards in a new light. While we used to share in the abundance of what each garden and yard had we now depend on our gardens alone to provide all of what we were accustomed to.