Medieval adventures

The Peplos

It takes some time to spin, dye, and then weave the wool for a peplos. They can be sewn up the side(s) or back to make a tube. I sewed mine up the back at first. Later, after wearing it a few times, decided to shorten it (it dragged on the floor which would not have been the way they were worn for my persona’s time period) and add the fabric from the bottom to the back. So now, I actually have two seams running on other side of the back of the garment. The neck hole and two armholes are created by pinning the fabric at the shoulders. The peplos can be fancied up with broaches and a string of beads. I didn’t weave the wool fabric, it was gifted to me. I did, however, tablet weave the trim and added it to the peplos. Some weavers, when doing up their warp, will add the tablets to the warp and create the trim pattern as they go along. One day I may try that. Here I will share my experience creating my peplos including the alteration.