Medieval adventures

Welcome to the Beginning of the Adventure

Who would have thought that choosing a medieval identity for the purpose of learning about a different way of life would be so complicated? Should be easy, right? Pick a place to be from. Pick a name you like. This usually depicts the time period or visa-versa, and if not, a herald will help you get there. Do some research to find out what kind of clothes you would be wearing…wait, or you could find out what kind of clothes you like and then decide on a more refined time period…and figure out what you like to do and that also helps guide you through the persona process. Okay, now it’s complicated. Now, start researching deeper into the persona and just see how many rabbit holes you go down…

Medieval Ramblings is everything it implies. In the following pages I will be recording my medieval life as it happens. Because I/we have been doing this for approximately thirteen years gasp I have some catching up to do in order to bring my persona up to a manageable speed. My hope is to write it as a  journal so that when I learn something new it gets recorded here. The intent is to write in modern English (so that we can all understand it) in a medieval setting. The life happenings, events, and working days will be a rendition of my actual life while learning about my persona, Siblylla of Glyndmere, a seventh-century, noblewoman. Most of the happenings are shared with my husband, Penda of Glyndmere. We have a small medieval group that belongs to a larger group, and then an even larger group from there and so on which eventually makes us all part of  “The Known World.” Complicated, right? 

While I write, I will be giving the people I interact with different names to suit Anglo Saxon life, unless they wish to be named, within my time period. Some of the people belong to the medieval group. These people will be mentioned quite a bit at times. It will be like writing an Anglo-Saxon persona for each of them. Some are family although I will not go into too many details unless it directly benefits the story.

Are you with me so far? Because I am just getting into it, there will be changes as I find out more information. I might even change the place names as I discover the landscapes of the places I visit and live but for the most part, I stay within the British Isles. My first rabbit hole for this adventure was to dig into archeology sites, plan out my list of things to either create or acquire and plot it all on my own map (using Google, of course) to help me keep things straight. Wish me luck?