Medieval adventures

Lucet Carving

Lucets are a handy tool for converting thread into a cord that is much stronger. You can also use more than one thread at a time and make a fancy-looking cord. I enjoy carving a variety of lucet shapes from hardwood. If you want to be authentic, you can even cleve the blanks right from a log. Usually, I just rip a 1″ plank in half on a table saw and use those pieces for the lucet blanks. There is a certain charm to a hand-carved lucet that has imperfections. Somehow I think put feeling into a lucet shaped by hand rather than entirely made by power tools.

A word on knives. I find this style of carving knife is excellent. These are made by Morakniv and have served me well for many years. The curved handle style is very easy to grip. The blade is short and tapers to a pointed tip. They are single-edged and thick enough so you can put comfortably put your thumb on the back for added pressure. One has a straight blade which is handy for rapid wood reduction. The curved edge is good for finer work. You will find you switch between the two blade shapes quite often. Of course, any knife can be used, but it needs to be very sharp and come to a pointed tip. Before I found the Mora knives I used a utility knife with replaceable blades. The gouge is used to bore the two lucet holes. You can use a drill, but using the gouge is actually quite quick.